3 Ways To Make It Easier To Find A Job As A Vet Tech

3 Ways To Make It Easier To Find A Job As A Vet Tech

21 July 2021
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If you're currently studying to become a vet tech, then you might have started to think about what you'll do after you graduate. With a bit of preparation, you can speed up your job search and make sure that you start work as soon as possible after leaving school. What can you do to find a job faster?

1. Get Some Work Experience

You'll probably get some clinical experience while you're in school. However, this experience might not make you stand out from the crowd — all your fellow students will get the same kind of experience. If you have some free time, then try to organize some experience yourself. For example, you could volunteer at a local animal shelter or veterinarian's clinic. You could shadow a tech for a day or two.

While you can't fully use your clinical skills yet, any work you do with animals will look good to future employers. You show a commitment to your future career. Plus, potential employers will see that you have some experience with animal handling, care, and management. You have some useful extra exposure to working in a clinical environment.

2. Check Out Your Licensing Situation

You can't necessarily start work as a vet tech as soon as you graduate. Many states require you to pass a certification test before you can get a license or register. While this exam might be some way down the line, it's worth planning how you'll handle any certification requirements in advance. Once you graduate, you can then quickly set yourself up. The sooner you're certified, the faster you can get a job.

Check out what you need to do in the state in which you want to work. Do prep work on the exam. Remember that you might not be able to take the exam whenever you want. Many states run these exams at set schedules, so it might help to book in advance if you can.

3. Talk to Local Veterinarians

Local veterinarians and the vet techs they employ can help you make the transition into a new job when you graduate. You don't just have to apply for advertised jobs here. You can approach clinics and ask to talk to their staff about the vet tech role and how to succeed in it. While not every veterinarian or tech will have time to talk to you, some might.

You'll learn more about your future career and make useful contacts. You could also get some helpful job hunting tips. Remember to leave a resume behind whenever you make contact with a clinic. They might remember you when they have jobs for vet techs in the future.

Keep these tips in mind when you start looking for veterinarian jobs

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