Senior Cats Need Special Care

Senior Cats Need Special Care

1 June 2022
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Senior cats have needs that may vary in comparison to other types of animals. When cats grow into their teen years, they may need additional veterinary care to stay healthy.

Senior pets may benefit from special pet care. These are the types of services you can expect from a veterinarian who understands senior pets.

Annual Wellness Exams for Senior Pets

Annual exams are important because it is easy not to notice some of the common signs of aging in pets. Wellness exams each year provide more insight into your pet's needs and can alert you to significant changes in behavior and health.

These exams are also important because your cat requires annual bloodwork after a certain point. These tests, in addition to tests involving urine and stool samples, can provide more insight into your pet's wellness.

Early Diagnosis Improves Your Cat's Lifespan

Annual exams and the testing involved can also provide early diagnosis for conditions like liver disease and cancer. The earlier your pet gets a diagnosis, the more treatment options may be available.

Additionally, early diagnosis can give you more time to try different treatments. For example, you may start with making changes to your pet's daily routine before the need for surgery arises.

Animal Clinics Offer Information About Your Pet's Diet

Senior pets are more likely to benefit from dietary changes, perhaps to lose weight or to see more health benefits. The animal clinic can offer more information about your pet's dietary needs and changes you can make. Obesity in older cats may become more common as your pet's activity decreases.

In some cases, senior cats need additional supplements for their diet. The clinic will provide more insight into elements of your pet's diet that may be missing. Supplements can help your pet feel his or her best.

Senior Pets Benefit From Dental Cleanings

You should also know that many senior cats benefit from dental cleanings every few years. Cats who do not get the necessary cleanings may experience abscesses, infections, and other painful symptoms. They may also struggle to eat because of the pain.

Dental work for cats involves anesthesia, which helps your cat stay calm during the procedure. Senior cats will require bloodwork before these appointments to ensure that anesthesia is safe.

Schedule an Exam for Your Senior Cat

Senior cats need more frequent appointments than many younger cats. Even if your pet seems perfectly healthy, bloodwork and other diagnostic tools will help you keep your pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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