Symptoms and Causes of Your Dog’s Itching and Scratching Problems

10 February 2021
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If your dog is scratching and licking his or her paws, then you want to know why so you can make them feel comfortable. The problem with skin reactions is they are often caused by different issues. Plus, your dog may have more than one cause. Here is more information about the way skin problems manifest themselves and their common causes. Common Skin Problems Skin problems come in multiple forms depending on your dog's health and condition. Read More …

Recognizing and Treating Torn ACLs in Dogs

5 January 2021
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You've probably known at least one human who tore their ACL. This ligament in the knee is one of the most common ones to be sprained and torn by athletes. But did you know that dogs can also tear their ACL? Larger, athletic dogs like German shepherds and Rottweilers are most prone to this injury, but ACL tears can occur in any breed. As a dog owner, you should learn to recognize the signs of an ACL tear, and you should also know how vets treat this injury. Read More …

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