A Guide to Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy

Could Your Hyperactive Older Cat Have A Hyperactive Thyroid?

3 November 2020
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Older cats, just like people, tend to have more health issues crop up as time passes. If your usually leisurely feline becomes skittish all of a sudden, that's a strong indication that something, perhaps the thyroid, is amiss and that a trip to a veterinary clinic is in short order. What Hyperactive Thyroid Means To Any Patient Nearly every pet has a thyroid, but when something isn't right with the little butterfly-shaped gland, so many symptoms can emerge. Read More …

Signs of Cancer in Cats

6 October 2020
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When you own a cat, you want to be sure that you are taking the best possible care of their health at all times. However, even if you are the most diligent cat owner, health issues can develop. Cancer is one of those health issues that can seemingly hit out of nowhere and can have a major impact on your cat's health and well-being. It is a good idea to get to know some of the signs and symptoms of cancer in cats. Read More …

Reasons Your Dog May Need A CT Scan

28 August 2020
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If you are a dog owner, the idea that your dog will ever suffer a major illness or injury is likely heartbreaking. However, just like with people, things happen and sometimes dogs have major health issues. Sometimes, they even need CT scans. You may not have known that CT scans for animals even existed until now and that is perfectly normal. However, it is also important to know some of the circumstances in which your veterinarian may recommend a CT scan for animals. Read More …

Tips For Your Pet’s First Major Surgery

3 January 2020
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Having to put your pet through surgery can be just as stressful for the pet owner as it will be for the pet itself. But if it's gotten to the point that you need to contact your local veterinary surgical services professional, then it's likely that the surgery is necessary in order to preserve your pet's quality or length of life. If your pet has never gone through any significant surgery before, you might not know what to expect. Read More …

Bunny Basics For A Healthy, Hearty Life

29 December 2019
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Taking care of a rabbit is relatively easy. If you have a sturdy enclosure, bedding, and all of the foods that your pet enjoys eating, you are taking care of your pet's immediate needs. However, an underlying health issue or despondent attitude should be identified and assessed by a veternarian. Ensuring that your furry friend receives an annual pet wellness exam can highly improve the odds that your rabbit will live a healthy and hearty life. Read More …

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