A Guide to Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy

4 Signs Your Pet Requires Dental Care

25 August 2022
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One of the biggest challenges in dealing with animals is that they can't communicate their needs to people well. This is an especially pronounced problem when it comes to pet dental care. If you're worried that an animal might have oral health issues, watch for any of these four signs. Slow Chewing   Animals often exhibit dental issues differently than people would. A pet may react to oral health problems by slowing down their chewing. Read More …

Senior Cats Need Special Care

1 June 2022
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Senior cats have needs that may vary in comparison to other types of animals. When cats grow into their teen years, they may need additional veterinary care to stay healthy. Senior pets may benefit from special pet care. These are the types of services you can expect from a veterinarian who understands senior pets. Annual Wellness Exams for Senior Pets Annual exams are important because it is easy not to notice some of the common signs of aging in pets. Read More …

4 Important Spring Dog-Safety Tips

22 March 2022
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With spring rapidly approaching, it is time to consider how to keep your dog safe as you both spend more time outdoors. Spring and summertime present unique health challenges for your dog.  Keep Artificial Sweets Away from Your Dog  With spring comes Easter, and with it, lots of chocolates and sweets will be around. You will want to keep your dog away from all the sweets that holidays like Easter are associated with. Read More …

Signs Of Frostbite Or Hypothermia In Dogs

12 January 2022
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Dogs have fur, but that doesn't mean they can withstand extremely cold temperatures. Dogs aren't supposed to be in the snow and cold for extended periods of time and should be given shelter and a place for warmth from the cold weather. If your dog has been out in the elements for too long, the extended exposure can result in frostbite or hypothermia. If you aren't sure of the signs of these issues, read below for a few and what you should do if you see your dog exhibiting these signs. Read More …

Three Tick-Related Reasons To Visit A Local Pet Hospital

8 November 2021
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Depending on where you live, ticks may be a serious concern in wooded areas. If you're a new dog owner and are concerned about the risk of a tick biting your animal, it's important to know that you can turn to your local pet hospital for help. The pet hospital's website likely features information on how to identify ticks on your pet and how to remove them yourself. Additionally, there are several reasons that you may need to visit the hospital for tick-related issues with your pet. Read More …

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